Fashion Design + Collection

About this course

Many today have great interest in fashion and much are from those who don’t have any background in fashion. Of course, today’s digital advancement has enable many of you to gain knowledge about fashion and its skills. However, oftentimes the knowledge you received are not quite satisfying.

This course aims to fully equip you with fashion related knowledge that are practical and can be applied directly into you business. This 4-month program, will enable you to acquire the practical skills in fashion design. You will learn how to draw professional fashion illustration, create various patterns, learn various draping technique, different sewing type, measurement and create your own unique mini collection.

Skills You Will Gain
Fashion Illustration, Pattern Making, Sewing, Draping, Designing, Making a Collection

Duration of Study

225 hours within 75 sessions in 4 months

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
09:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:00

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Learning Experience

What will you learn?

  • Understanding Anatomy and Proportion of Fashion Figure
  • Introduction to Coloring Technique and Rendering
  • Developing Fashion Illustration Style
  • Communicating Designs through Illustrations
  • Introduction to Garment Construction and Basic Draping
  • Fundamental Sewing and Pattern Drafting Skills
  • Pattern Manipulation and Bustier Construction
  • Customize Measurement and Fitting Process
  • Understanding Design Process, Fashion History and Textile
  • Introduction to Digital Software
  • Market Research and Concept Development
  • Developing Design and Prototype
  • Production Process and Costing
  • Portfolio and Garment Sampling

Benefit joining this course

  • Understand the languages of fashion
  • Identify and gain knowledge on color and fabric
  • Illustrate your own ideas through drawing
  • Cut and construct
  • Gain knowledge about the basic of clothing manufacturing
  • Realization your ideas through sewing
  • Obtain the ability to design your own wear
  • Adopt problem-solving skill
  • Collection and brand analysis
  • Exploration of diverse concepts
  • Obtain researching skill
  • Gain useful understanding for both business studies and fashion

Recommended for

  • Those who want to learn fashion illustration, pattern making and sewing
  • Those who want to have garment-making skills for business
  • Those who already have a business and want to deepen their understanding in fashion design
  • Those who want to strengthen their brand positioning through strong concept of collection
  • Those who want to start a clothing brand by understanding the importance of collection

2021 Intake

Batch 1 – Tuesday, 2 February
Batch 2 – Tuesday, 6 April (NO Mini Collection)
Batch 3 – Tuesday, August
Batch 4 – Tuesday, October (NO Mini Collection)

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What did they say?

Ekspektasi awal itu, aku pikir cuma bisa jahit dasar aja, tapi ternyata aku bisa jahit bustier, juga fashion illustration yg bener2 diluar ekspektasi aku. Belajar di MKLAV jadi tau cara bikin pola, menggambar Illustrasinya sehingga bisa dituangin menjadi baju jadinya.

– Nadia Sekar (Fashion Design student)

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