Intro to Fashion Design for Teens

Prepare Yourself for the Fashion World

MKLAV is introducing a new program: Introduction to Fashion Design for Teens. This is an after-school program that is ideally designed for Junior/High school students who are interested in learning about the exciting world of fashion. Whether they have taken art/design subject or not, this program will let the students to experience new sets of skills. This program will be a platform for students to determine possible careers or educational pathways they would like to progress.

Introduction to Fashion Design for Teens is an on-going course that will be completed in 4 months. The students will be taught after-school, once every week. This course will also cover all the necessary topics that will help the students to experience the whole design process. Through illustration and garment construction, students will have a real taste of what it’s like to be a fashion designer. Students will also be able to illustrate their ideas and transform it into visible form.

At the end of the class, students will not only gain confidence throughout the program, but also be able to work on generating new ideas and enhance their creativity.

Course Outline

  • Learn how to do fashion sketch
  • Understanding pattern for basic skirt, tops and day dress
  • Sketch and measurement for day dress
  • Various type of sewing

Recommended for

  • Junior or High School students
  • Those who want to be able to have the ability in designing their own wear
  • Those who want to be able to gain basic knowledge of clothing manufacturing through drawing, pattern and sewing

Duration & Schedule


Each session schedule: 1.5 hour
Please check your school for availability

Course Fee

Why Choose this Program?

By choosing MKLAV to study Introduction to Fashion Design for Teens, students will be able to:

  • Understand the languages of fashion
  • Identify and gain knowledge on color and fabric
  • Illustrate their own ideas through drawing
  • Cut and construct
  • Gain knowledge about the basic of clothing manufacturing
  • Realization their ideas through sewing
  • Obtain the ability to design their own wear

Course Outline

Length of Study: 5 (five) months – Once a week

Fashion Illustration

  • Illustration Fashion Figure
  • Illustration Drawing Clothes
  • Color and Rendering
  • Introduction to Fashion Design

Garment Construction

  • Introduction to Garment Construction – Sewing
  • Introduction to Basic Skirt
  • Skirt Variation with Assessment
  • Introduction to Bodice with Assessment
  • Color Variation with Assessment
  • Sleeve Variation with Assessment
  • Pattern Blouse/Shirt
  • Pants Variation with Assessment
  • Cutting and Sewing Pants
  • Day-dress with Assessment
  • Design Project (optional)

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