Weekend Workshop Series

What will you learn?

Every Saturday within 8 (eight) weeks, you will progressively learn how to do fashion sketch, create a pattern and sew your own Basic Skirt, Tops and Day Dress:

Week 1 – Fashion Sketch
Week 2 – Pattern for Basic Skirt
Week 3 – Sewing for Basic Skirt
Week 4 – Pattern for Tops
Week 5 – Sewing for Tops
Week 6 – Sketch & Measurement for Day Dress
Week 7 – Pattern for Day Dress
Week 8 – Sewing for Day Dress

MKLAV Workshop Series is perfect for those who wants to explore fashion in an enjoyable learning sessions.

Available on Weekday and Weekend.

Schedule & Duration

Total sessions: 16 sessions

Weekend Schedule
2 (two) sessions each day
8 (eight) weeks every Saturday

Each day schedule
09:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:00

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Workshop Fee

Fashion Sketch

1-Day Workshop for those who want to learn how to do a simple fashion drawing.

What will you learn?
Session 1 – Draw clothes on fashion template figure: understanding drawing drapes, pleats, gathers, layering
Session 2 – Color the figure using color pencil and marker: understanding coloring techniques: color pencil and marker

Pattern & Sewing – Basic Skirt

2-Day Workshop for those who want to learn how to create various skirt patterns and sewing basic skirt.

What will you learn?
Session 3 – Introduction to Garment Construction: skirt pattern exercises
Session 4 – Skirt Pattern Development: create pattern pieces of 1/4 circular skirt, real size for sewing class
Session 5 – Introduction to Sewing: various types of stitches and seams exercise; cut the pattern skirt on fabrics
Session 6 – Sewing the skirt with elastic waistband: assemble, side seam, top stitch the hem and attaching elastic waistband

Pattern & Sewing – Bodice and Tops

2-Day Workshop for those who want to learn how to create tops or tunic.

What will you learn?
Session 7 – Principle of Dart Manipulations in Bodice: understanding various pivoting techniques, styleline and yoke
Session 8 – Tops / tunic pattern development: dolman sleeve, cut the pattern on fabric, layouting and marking
Session 9 – Sewing tops / tunic: start assembling the tops
Session 10 – Finishing the tops/tunic: catch stiching the hemline of tops

Pattern & Sewing – Day Dress

3-Day Workshop for those who wants to learn how to create a day dress.

What will you learn?
Session 11 – Introduction to Long Torso Block: scale up to the real size and adjust to your own measurement
Session 12 – Sketch a design to be developed to pattern: refer to your own sketch; proportion and pattern techniques
Session 13 – Finalize pattern and cut: check all the pattern pieces and start to cut
Session 14 – Sewing long torso: assembling your own day dress
Session 15 – Fitting: make any adjustment for the fitting, correct the pattern and finishing the garment
Session 16 – Presenting the day dress! Wear your own dress and bring also your skirt and tops!

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