Mini Collection

Strengthening Your Brand Positioning

It is important for a fashion designer to be able to create an appealing collection with a concept to sell instead of just to produce clothing. As we see the creative industry in Indonesia is growing, creating a new collection in fashion with our own idea is crucial yet many find challenging. How can we come up with a collection that has story and value? How can we create an original collection with identity?

Through this program, we help our students to develop their individual signature style and create a collection that stands out from their competitors by understanding design process; from initial concept – design development – portfolio collection. As a result, each students will have a collection that has a story and commercially appealing to their target market.

Benefit joining this course

  • Adopt problem-solving skill
  • Collection and brand analysis
  • Exploration of diverse concepts
  • Obtain researching skill
  • Gain useful understanding for both business studies and fashion

Course Outline

  • Understanding Design Process, Fashion History and Textile
  • Introduction to Digital Software
  • Market Research and Concept Development
  • Developing Design and Prototype
  • Production Process and Costing
  • Portfolio and Garment Sampling

Duration of Study

72 hours within 24 sessions in 4 months

Every Tuesday and Thursday
09:00 – 12:00 and/or 13:00 – 16:00


  • Basic skills of fashion drawing and pattern drafting are required

Haven’t had your basic skills? Join Fashion Design at MKLAV.

Recommended for

  • Those who want to strengthen their brand positioning through strong concept of collection
  • Those who want to start a clothing brand by understanding the importance of collection

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What will you learn?


Course Outline

Length of Study: 4 (four) months – 24 sessions

  • 24 Sessions

    • Researching Methods
    • Concept Development
    • Mood Board
    • Design Development
    • Prototyping
    • Business Plan

Recommended Program

Fashion Design

Throughout this 3-month program, students will acquire the fundamental skills in fashion design, as it provides inspirational and practical skills that will help students not only by understanding the world of fashion but also on how to undertake fashion design process.

This course primarily focuses on illustration and garment construction where students are capable to create drawings and pattern making to produce their own unique collection.

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Other Programs

Your goal
  • All programs
  • Able to create simple clothes
  • Able to produce different garment
  • Able to build/grow a business
Course Duration
  • Less than a week course
  • Between 1 to 8 months course