Evening Class

Develop your fashion skills!

In this Evening Class, you will learn how to communicate ideas through illustration and able to make your own clothes by understanding pattern making and sewing. The program is divided to Three Parts, each parts consists of 16 sessions.

Throughout the program, you will be provided by the required understanding of fashion illustration, pattern making and sewing. From Fashion Illustration part, you will understand  drawing technique, proportion of fashion figure, shading, contouring and coloring with different application. You will also develop your own style and characteristics while learning. From Pattern Making and Sewing you will understand how to make pattern, cut the fabric to sewing and finishing.

Benefit joining this class

  • Understand the core principles in pattern making
  • Able to make your own skirt and tops with opening system
  • Understand pattern making techniques for skirts and tops
  • Differentiate type of seams and its quality
  • Able to make various style of skirt and tops with collar and sleeves
  • Illustrate your own ideas through drawing
  • Correctly translating fabric and clothing styles into your drawing

Course Outline

Pattern Making and Sewing I

  • Introduction to Pattern Making and Sewing
  • Skirt Techniques
  • Sew Your Own Skirt
  • Principle of Dart Manipulations, Style lines and Yoke
  • Design and Sew Your Own Sleeveless Tops

Pattern Making and Sewing II

  • Various Skirt Techniques
  • Sew Your Own Skirt
  • Various Style of Collars and Sleeves
  • Sew Your Own Tops with Collar and Sleeves

Fashion Illustration

  • Introduction to Fashion Illustration
  • Human Anatomy: Body Proportion, Head and Face, Arms and Legs
  • Understanding Fabric Folds and Drape
  • Textile and Texture: Fabric Rendering

Duration of Study

24 hours within 16 sessions in 2 months

Every Tuesday and Thursday
19.00 – 20:30


  • No specific requirement needed
  • Basic skills are not required

Recommended for

  • Those who want to learn basic pattern making and sewing
  • Those who want to learn and/or enhance fashion illustration
  • Those who want to gain fashion illustration technique through drawing
  • Those who want to open a small business

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Why Choose this Program?

By choosing MKLAV to study Basic Illustration, students will be able to:

  • Gain coloring technique – color pencil, markers and rendering
  • Gain fashion illustration technique through drawing (body proportions and fabric)
  • Development of own individual style

Course Outline

Length of Study: 6 Sessions in 3 (three) Days

  • Introduction to Fashion Illustration
  • Human Anatomy: Body Proportion, Head and Face, Arms and Legs
  • Relations between Fabric and Body
  • Fabric Rendering
  • Shading and Coloring

Other Programs

Your goal
  • All programs
  • Able to create simple clothes
  • Able to produce different garment
  • Able to build/grow a business
Course Duration
  • Finished within 3 days
  • Finished within 4 months