#MKLAVtutorial : Refashion Shirt to Skirt

#MKLAVtutorial Refashion Shirt to Skirt

Things you need :
– Used Shirt
– Ruler
– Elastic Band
– Marker
– Fabric Scissors
– Pin
– Sewing Machine

– Place the shirt on a flat surface, make sure front and back are aligned, and buttoned up.
– Allocate the cutting line, on the bust and under the sleeves line.
– Draw a line with marker for fabric.
– Cut the line with fabric scissors
– Prepare elastic band by measuring own waist
– Turn the shirt inside out and place the elastic band to measure
– Leaving approximately 5 mm extra for sewing seam, fold and pin to secure all around
– Prepare the sewing machine, place the fold on the 5-mm marking
– Sew and leave approximately 5 cm gap opening for the elastic band
– Insert the elastic band with the aid (pin), from one end to another
– Overlapped the elastic ends and pin, continue to sew to secure
– Close the 5-cm gap elastic and sew to close
– Turn inside out and Distribute the elastic band gathers evenly
– Skirt is finally ready!

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